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Boat driver at Disney World

Harriet Phillips

New Member
Original Poster
I'm a qualified officer in the merchant navy and had such an amazing time at Disney World that I really want to apply for a job on the ferrys for between the different hotels and parks etc. Does anyone know how I apply? Or who I contact?
Thanks so much!
I would start with casting, I don't think they usually post specific hourly park roles online. You should be able to get on a waiting list for the MK watercraft operations/Friendship (Epcot & Epcot resort area) operations. Best of luck!


Well-Known Member
Go to disneycareers.com follow the prompts but particularly Buena Vista FL. (For location) you should be able to browse all job offerings. It will be listed under "operations " and/or "transportation " more than likely you would have to take a job as a deckhand as this is a position you move up to and you need to know how these jobs are intermingled. The takeaway from this post is do whatever you have to do to get your foot in the door. The hiring process can take up to 6 mo. so be patient. And if you have any skeletons in your past don't waste your time they will check you out 9 ways to Sunday. It's a great place to work but they are very choosy about the CM selection.