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Trip Report "BOAT!" "Boat?" "BOAT!" A November Trip Report


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Hello, my fellow Disney nuts. Welcome to another Bee trip report. If you're here for a pixie-goggled traipse through the Happiest Place on Earth...this ain't that. While there were a lot of things we really enjoyed on this trip, there were also plenty of annoying and disappointing things, and I want to get that out there so that if you only read trip reports where everyone is smiling all the time and nothing goes wrong, you can take the chicken exit right now and there will be no hard feelings. But if you're here for the whole package ranging from DRAMMA to delight to disappointment...stick around!

Me, M, and my brother Jay
Where: WDW Dolphin
When: November 22-27 in Disney, November 27-30 visiting M's family in north Florida

A little background: This trip was supposed to be November 23-29, with four nights at Disney and two nights with M's parents. But Southwest has ceased all operations to Newark Airport, and we had already booked all our holiday travel to/from Newark, so we had to change ALL of our flights to different airports. This was suuuuuuper annoying, but we made the best of it by extending our vacation an extra day on each end.

We also originally (after we changed our flights) planned to spend the first night at a Disney value resort since we would be arriving so late and to take advantage of DME, but I had a lot of Marriott points so we ended up saving $400+ to just stay all five nights at the Dolphin using points for some of the nights.
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Day 1: Friday, November 22

I didn't work Friday and M worked a half day so we could make our Friday evening flight. I brought the suitcase with me into Manhattan and she and I met at Penn Station ( 🤮 ). We boarded the 2:14 LIRR train to Ronkonkoma and I texted our ride to let her know we were on the way.

A joke was made about how the heck to pronounce this place. I think it was something like "What does the drunk Long Island girl say to the guy who won't dance with her at the club?" "Wyandanch?" (It was funnier on the train)

When we arrived at Ronkonkoma, we were greeted with the friendly face of @Darstarr!! At some point in a past TR of mine she said, "Next time you fly from ISP you'd better call me for a ride!" So I did!! :joyfull:

After I took this she asked if I could Wilson it. I said I would find a way! This is the closest emoji I could find to a fence!

In case you don't know about Wilsoning, the term was coined by @Tuvalu to describe how I always leave out my face when I post photos in my TRs. Like this guy:

Dar was also kind enough to provide the first drink of the trip, which I failed miserably to capture in this photo. It was a Kona Big Wave. :hilarious:

It was so much fun catching up with @Darstarr and I hope we have a proper WDW reunion soon!

After we arrived at the airport we quickly dropped off our luggage and went through security. A TSA officer noticed the passenger behind me on line was still wearing his belt, and offered the following sage advice to the passenger: "You should take off ya belt and hold it ova ya head befowa ya go through the metal detecta. Othawise it's gonna look like ya have somethin' on you and some guy's gonna come feel you up!"

As we waited to board we witnessed a gorgeous sunset.

But the sunset wasn't the only thing to watch! We were also treated to the DRAMMA of the passengers around us! An adult couple was having a loud argument and the man threatened to leave the airport while the woman accused him of ruining every vacation they ever try to take. Yikes.

Boarding began right on time and we MIRACULOUSLY ended up in a row to ourselves.

Up next: In the air


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Yay, happy to be on board (although sorry to hear you had some hiccups with this trip!).

Also, that is a win at Wilsoning it, which is kind of one of my favorite things I’ve seen/heard on this board 🤣 Brilliant 🤣


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Your welcome for the ride. Anytime!
And about Wyndanch, that is hysterical!
Super fail on the roadie picture!😂🍺
I can not wait for this TR! Love drama!!! (Other peoples)
You are awesome! 😄


Yay, happy to be on board (although sorry to hear you had some hiccups with this trip!).

Also, that is a win at Wilsoning it, which is kind of one of my favorite things I’ve seen/heard on this board 🤣 Brilliant 🤣
Thank you! All credit to @Tuvalu for the term!


I made the top 4! 😁
Just like American Idol!

Drama?! Well now I have to follow along! Super nice of @Darstarr to give you a ride(and a drink!). What a nice person, even though she prefers dole whips to citrus swirls!
:hilarious: Confession...I've never had a citrus swirl!

In and can't wait to read about your dramma, no chicken exit for me!



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Day 1, cont.

We took off a few minutes early and the captain announced that we would be going through some rough weather. But we didn't care, we were on vacation!

Still getting used to the latest iOS! Dernit!

Um, yikes. I swear I wasn't drunk from one @Darstarr beer.

That's a bit better.

It was super dark on the plane, which is why you wouldn't be faulted if you couldn't tell these are jalapeno chips from Pret a Manger.

Once we reached an altitude appropriate for using tray tables and electronics, we watched some Netflix.

For a significant portion of the flight the FAs were instructed to stay seated due to the weather. But we did eventually get beverage service...

I think M had sparkling wine? But I didn't get a photo of it. Bonus: They didn't take our beverage coupons so we got the drinks for free!

I guess we were in a British mood...The Crown, and Bakeoff!

That looks like Florida!

Up next: We land!


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Day 1, cont.

We landed about fifteen minutes early and I texted my brother, who had agreed to pick us up from the airport. We were planning to just take a Lyft to the Dolphin but then my brother decided he would join us for the weekend and I offered to buy him dinner if he picked us up.

The fonorail was looking good!

We found the baggage claim area and the correct carousel...and NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. was on the carousel. The whole flight's worth of NYC/LI people was just standing around, staring at the carousel.

At least it was festive?

Then we realized EVERYONE from our flight was suddenly moving over to a different carousel, but no announcement had been made of a carousel change. We decided to follow the crowd and luckily saw our bag come out almost immediately. In case you don't remember from my last TR, the SAME THING happened then. :banghead: :facepalm:

Bag handle in hand, we went outside to wait for my brother.

The tiny text on the basket says "wine from German lands" in German.

Soon my brother arrived and we were on our way! We collectively agreed to go to Taco Bell (lol).

TB recently added a bunch of veggie things to the menu, including the black bean crunchwrap supreme!

Also, when I picked up our order from the counter an employee (manager?) offered us all free sodas even though we ordered water. How fancy!

After dinner Jay drove us to the Dolphin. As we entered WDW property Epcot Forever was happening and I just missed a photo opportunity with fireworks AND the sign. :facepalm:


Up next: The Dolphin!


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Southwest is notorious here in Atlanta with switching baggage carousels with no announcement....one of the many reasons I’ve grown weary with them.

45 minutes is TOO LONG to wait for a suitcase.....
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