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Boardwalk Villas Refurbishment Progress?


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I was wondering if someone could give me some insight as to how far renovations have progressed with the villas at Boardwalk? I have a stay coming up, and I'm really wanting an updated room (the pink and green walls of the old rooms do nothing for me).


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Wow, they were working on the 5th (Beginning phase) at the end of January 2015! Really enjoyed our stay even though there was alot of noise


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@DiSnEyF@n any update on the renovations? Does anyone else know if they have started on the first floor yet?

From what I saw they were only working on the exterior on the Boardwalk side. I walked by it often as it was on the walk towards the boats and EPCOT. It didn't bother me at all. It wasn't loud either. We were in a villa facing the pool. The room was newly renovated and it was beautiful and comfortable. I was on the fourth floor. I don't know about the first... Sorry.


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Very!!!!! They're only letting hotel guests park there, whilst it is busy there is parking spaces for all its guests

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