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Blaze Pizza opening in May 2016 at Disney Springs


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There's one within walking distance from where I work that I've been going to for a bit. A plain (simple) pie goes for less than $6 and less than $8 for create your own with unlimited toppings. It's quite tasty and a good deal, especially for being so close to NYC. They just haven't mastered the 180 seconds thing here yet.


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I had my own version of Blaze pizza this weekend. Cooked naan bread pizzas on the grill.... only the grease from the prior night's burger grilling ignited in the catch pan and the pizzas on one side of the grill were torched. (toppings were cooked to perfection, but the crust was black as charcoal :banghead: )

Hope their process is better than mine.


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We have one of these were I live. In fact, just had lunch there today. A make your own pizza is $7.95 plus tax, but I'm sure its more at Disney Springs.


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wow i'm shocked a new place that isn't 100 bucks a plate,

though this place really isn't "unique" as they are building them all over the country,

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