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Black room at IJA in DL

Discussion in 'How do they do that?' started by BasiltheBatLord, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. BasiltheBatLord

    BasiltheBatLord Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2014
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    This isn't so much a "How do they do that?" question as a "What's the deal with this?" question.

    In DL's IJA, right after the jeep exits the main room (with the Mara skull), the jeep spends a few seconds stopped in a completely black room. The soundtrack also pauses at this point. Is there any story to this room? I'm assuming that the stop is a timing issue (that in order for effects to work properly for all jeeps, there must be a brief period of pause), but it seems like there's something very faintly to the right of the jeep in this room that I can't make out. Just general props?

    Also a related question, right after this room you pass through a mist projection of what seems to be rats scurrying across a log or something like that. I've always wondered if this was a temporary fix for a broken effect or something of that nature, as the effect has always just looked "off" to me. Or maybe it's an example of something that was impressive in 1995 but has not aged well whatsoever?

  2. Rob562

    Rob562 Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2004
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    I think it's just a black room and the stopping is a timing issue.

    As for the rats, the projection effect was originally designed for the room to have doors at the entrance and exit to it. The projection was meant to look like you were about to drive under a log that was at the level of your head. The rats also jump off the log and you hear them landing on the hood of your jeep.
    Unfortunately due to fire regulations, at some point they had to disable the doors to the room and leave them open (if they haven't been totally removed in subsequent refurbs). This means that at times the air flow in the building mixed with the passing jeeps is too strong to allow the fog to reform in time for the effect to show as intended.


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