Big Thunder Mountain Railroad vs Slinky Dog Dash

Which is the better ride?

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad | Walt Disney World Resort

Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster at Toy Story Land | Walt Disney World Resort


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SDD is a nice addition to TSL but it doesnt come close to the thrills BTMRR delivers. SDD is a more scaled down for the younger crowd coaster so it never was meant to deliver as BTMRR was. The queue and ride through scenery throughout BTMRR is so much better as well.


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It looks like people scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to comparison polls.
Not really, I make many polls of ride vs ride all the time. Even if it’s a shutout. They’re both roller coasters that are beloved by all. Obviously, Big Thunder Mountain is way better and more thrilling, but I actually enjoy Slinky Dog greatly. Not sure why, just pure fun.


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I really enjoy Slinky. It's a fun coaster and a must do for us.

That said, BTMR is in a different league and among the best attractions in Orlando.

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