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News Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closing for refurbishment in May 2020


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Unfortunately, this refurbishment was downgraded and no longer features any significant upgrades.

Of course it was. 🙄

I'm sure because people still wait in line for an hour, management doesn't consider any improvement to this attraction a benefit to the company at this point.


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Since it's such a short refurb, I figured it was to prepare for a bigger one to come later this year or early next year. If third lift effects are going to be installed, there might be some advance work, which doesn't take that long, to prepare for those additions. Of course, this is my wishful thinking. For all we know, it might be just a quick mechanical fix.


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Was this part of the belt-tightening currently happening, or was it downgraded before HKDL and SDL closed? I swear this gets canceled every time we're about to finally get it.
I don't believe either are related. Something I am wondering is if there is anything significant about the time it's going down. Low hotel occupancy during this time?

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