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Big Thunder Mountain film in the works - wonder how this will affect the ride(s)?


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I'll believe it when I see it. It's been a doomed property that's never made it out of development, not as a movie, not as a TV show. But maybe this time!

Dear Prudence

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I wonder how this will affect the rides, or the long-gestating S.E.A. project (since Barnabas T. Bullion was one of the owners of the Big Thunder Mining Company)
why tho :arghh:

Beacon Joe

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While I find the modern Disney Corporation lacking, to put it politely, I'll admit that I found the Haunted Mansion and Country Bears movies completely fun kids movies. And as far as I know they didn't synergistically and hamhandedly shoehorn those films into those attractions.

Jungle Cruise just left me asking, "Why? And who came up with this?"

I would expect a Big Thunder film to leave me asking the same questions. And I would expect that the ride would not remain unscathed.

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