News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

Centauri Space Station

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Looks like a collection of industrial units designed in 2 minutes by a 5 year old... ”Pretend it has those pointy like things like on spaceship earth so it looks like its an Epcot thing”

This whole spine project has been a lacklustre mess. Removing the tombstones was the best part.
i hadn’t gotten a good look before more pics came out


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Here are updated descriptions for CommuniCore Hall and Plaza:

CommuniCore Hall
Take a moment to enjoy the offerings at this comfortable retreat. Designed to celebrate the architectural legacy of EPCOT, CommuniCore Hall features a façade of geodesic triangles, expressed in innovative materials and configurations—bringing energy and dynamism to the entire area throughout the day and into the night

  • Make magical memories at Mickey & Friends, a dedicated Character-greeting location!
  • Unwind in a relaxing indoor space—complete with tables and chairs so you can bring in food from nearby locations.
  • Enjoy seasonal experiences throughout the year in flexible gathering and event spaces—including art exhibitions, live entertainment, cooking demonstrations and more.
CommuniCore Plaza
Rejuvenate in this outdoor gathering space, filled with flavor and fun. During the day, stroll through the picturesque gardens that surround the plaza. And at night, take in the beautiful, playful lighting that complements the entire World Celebration neighborhood.

  • Enjoy seasonal live entertainment—all year round.
  • Delight in wonderful daytime and nighttime entertainment that varies throughout the year.
  • For a limited time, join other Guests for a fun-filled fiesta, ¡Celebración Encanto!—where the whole family can play trivia, dance and sing along to some favorite of your favorite songs from the beloved Disney film Encanto!
  • Savor taste sensations from Festival Favorites, which has a menu that changes during the year, featuring seasonal dishes from popular festival offerings.

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JoW, Connections, front of Epcot re-do and Central Park spine/ southwest area look open and inviting. When the lighting is on point, it’s beautiful. The Beacons still drop plenty of chins.
Have to disagree hard on the central spine having experienced it for the first time last week. It is absolutely incredible how dead the area is even when the park is fairly crowded. Abysmal path flow makes 90% of crowds hug the walls of Connections or take the JoW shortcut path before you even reach the hub. Even if paths did work people into the center, there’s just absolutely nothing to see in there. By far the most disappointing part of the so-called “Epcot Revival” for me (besides what they didn’t do obviously.)


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I believe @wdwmagic is right, if you look at the rose walk flex space on the new map, there are shade tiles present.


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Wow, So they built a hotel convention center in the hub of EPCOT...Not only bland an uninspiring, but literally plain and looking like a temporary fix. Wallpaper graphics galore. It should be sponsored by Epson Digital Printers.
And for the big reveal THAT is the bigi wow show they put together?
Would have been cute as a temporary show in a Colombia themed area for Food and Wine, but the opening show for this 7 years of construction pavilion should be spectacular and memorable... not a sing along cartoon show. No disrespect for the performers that were doing a great job....

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