News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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That's neat! The lighting package on SSE is perfect, I much prefer over the Vegas Sphere..they can each have their own identities... I had no idea they planned a lighting package for right after the wand... it's kind of sad anyone lifetime earlier who never got a chance to see this!
That’s interesting, they would have hard that and the Fountain that would be one heck of a show.

Chef idea Mickey`=

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Is there still the rumor out there of curiosity as to why this year the Flower and Garden festival will end sooner than last year and the year before.. some peeps are speculating a new festival.?


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Most of the tall signs around world celebration are already having lighting issues, some of them are only partially lighting up while others aren’t illuminating at all at night
The funniest part of these signs is the fact that their illumination is controlled by a small silver switch on the concrete base. I love just sitting and watching people turn them on or off as they pass.


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WHOAH! I literally never thought of both the fountain of nations show along with SE Beacons of Light THAT!* now it's making me even more sad. Thanks for bringing that up!
Sorry, and as of the closure we were supposed to get a new one in the center, I’m still ed it was never built. They showed it going off so many times in that concept video.


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This overhaul center looks identical to my community College I use to go to and yet my college was built over what was once an army navy base airport airfield.. I would never in a million years want a world class theme park such as Epcot to look like a downtown suburban park or to look like an apple store. They have no money, they have no creative imagineers, no architects...all the best folks are gone and probably some out there helping build the park back into park over at Epic Universe. Have you ever heard of a park with no fountains of any kind? Only my college campus.. Epcot is a unique park supposed to be a one unique only there place with unique seating, lighting, etc that you can't find anywhere else not something I can find at Home Goods but proves this is what the Disney company rn those who run it agree upon and approve on just to get by... Disney Springs overhaul was built years before and is more aesthetically pleasing and they knew back then to how to theme it and environment it to feel you are at an amazing place called Disney Springs and there you don't even pay to visit. There's nothing unique, aesthetically pleasing and makes you know your at Epcot and nowhere else in the world.


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