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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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I highly doubt they’d remove Nemo but perhaps making the ride a bit more educational soon? One of my favorite personal armchair projects is having the dark ride be a lesson about marine ecosystems featuring Nemo and company

Personally I wish they'd remove Nemo and change the whole pavilion back to the original concept, when it was one of the best overall experiences at WDW.

Since they're not going to do that, though, they should at least reopen all the aquarium windows and use Nemo as an educational tool (as you mention) instead of the quite bad ride that exists now.


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I may have lost track but what is going in the big open space next to the left of communicore hall, it looks like it should be part of the enclosed building but its open......

James Alucobond

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It would certainly be nice to see a restoration of Living Seas to something closer to its original state.

I found it the most effective of the original pavilions in terms of its architecture due to the combination of shapes and the mural at the entrance. Like everything at Epcot, though, it fell victim to the post-1995 'improvements' which involved painting everything bright colours and adding clutter. This is one case where I think it could pretty much go back to its original state and look fantastic, which I'm not sure is true of all the original pavilions.

James Alucobond

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So there will be a huge amount of benches under all those tree lined gardens in the center.. right?
There are markings for bench installation underneath the shade structures in the northwest garden, the northeast garden appears to have traditional dining tables in the site plan, the southeast garden has seating built into the planters, and the southwest garden will have both traditional seating and built-in benches surrounding the nine centerpiece trees.

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