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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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A few pics


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They will do well to clear a bunch of the trees/greenery from around the walkway to the Play Pavilion. I can honestly say the first time I visited Epcot that I missed it for all the trees...hope they make it more visible...


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Soooo couldn’t fine a thread on this. How are they going to maneuver people around the missing chunk of innoventions when they get down to the tunnel way in the middle?
I imagine it'll be one of three options:
  • They just direct people to go the long way around, under what was Fountain of Nations (rip), as the only way to get through.
  • They have the walkway to the North, above Art of Disney, setup before starting demolition. It looks like they're working quick on it.
  • They direct people through the remaining part of Innoventions West. Presumably they'll have removed everything inside there finally, or soon enough anyway.
I imagine they'll just hold off until the walkway to the North is finished up


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And to think we could have had thisView attachment 433783
I'm a fan of symmetry, but I'm also not as creative as Imagineering. This looks very vanilla to me. The landscaping is miles better than what's there currently, but this is more minimalistic. It also doesn't give any insight into other changes elsewhere in Future World that were part of this plan.

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