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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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Forget all that. Today’s Epcot announcements seem...well...boring.

The neighborhoods are a good idea. The coaster will probably be like Frozen Ever After: a good ride on the wrong park.

But overall, this isn’t bold or innovative, and the press release reeks of going through too many rounds of edits. I will continue to miss the original vision of EPCOT Center.
You're right 100% those announcement is boring. Including Mary Poppins ride is not a good attraction.


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In the Parks
Unless the Walt Disney Company invests heavily in understanding utopian perspectives from thought leaders, engaged in active research programs at preeminent universities around the world, I do not want to return to a model that showcases future living narratives as told by Fortune 500 companies.

Controlling the narrative, sound familiar?

Then you'll stop going to Disney anywhere as they rank 170 on the Global 500.

By your own criteria, you exclude yourself.


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I'm still struggling with the idea of this grand view they claimed from the SSE postshow... Grand view towards the lagoon.. which is completely obstructed by the new pay-per-view platform?

The artwork showed what looked like a mural covering the rear of the building... any chance they takeover the lounge space in someway for this reported.. great view?


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So, the EPCOT announcements are over? What I’m seeing...
  • Mary Poppins (ride?) coming to UK
  • Space Ship Earth redo
  • The water attraction thing
  • Demolition of half of Innovations
  • Trees
  • New entrance fountains (two of them)
Did I miss anything?


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I’m not so confident. Yes the model does show an Imagination Pavilion but the attraction could still change. One thing World Celebration still lacks beyond SSE is a signature attraction. It could still be in the to-do list.
I think maybe SSE is the Signature Attraction? Granted SSE might be THE Signature Attraction for all of EPCOT. Maybe the Festival Pavilion Is the Signature Piece? With how popular all of Epcot';s Festivals are getting.... You really cant put another building right in the middle of that area. Might World Celebration include WSL Spectaculars? Celebration is an act in ROE. We're celebrating Epcot in Oct. and next year, music?

I didn't hear of any food/drink places in here, certainly no TS place. So all of it might be open to the public, with a section of the roof roped off for VIPs watching HarmonioUS? Kind of like the center of the train station is sometimes roped off for VIPs during HEA?

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