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Ok, I'm taking some friends to WDW who've never been before save for maybe once before they were old enough to truly appreciate it.

Anyway, we're thinking that on the day we get there, we'll find something to do outside the parks, the problem is we can't decide! There's so much!

Anyway, I was wondering if I could get some ideas. When you decide not to go to the park in WDW, what do YOU do?

Thanks guys!


A great place to take your friends just for the day outside the parks is the Boardwalk. There's so much to do there, including grabbing a bite to eat at the ESPN Club. Also, if your friends don't seemed pleased, you can take the boat or walk to either MGM or Epcot. There's so many possibilities there.


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You can also go to International Drive, there is a nice mall there that I can´t remember the name of :brick: and my favorite restaurant too: Bahama Breeze :slurp:


The mall's called Crossroads i believe. It also has Jungle Jims, a nice bar and grill with a lot of character.:slurp:


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The mall's called Crossroads i believe.
No, that is the plaza just outside of the Disney village. The mall Maria is talking about, I believe, is Belz. It's a ways up International drive.

I am assuming you will have a car? You can always cruis I-Drive. It is entertainingly kitschy. There is this giant upside down building there - although I have never been inside it.

I will usually spend a day when I am down there first checking out Celebration (just go down I-4 to 192, go east on 192, and there are a few signs for it on the right). There are some restaurants there and a few shops. There is also Old Towne - although some people find it a little questionable at night. There are also lots of other tourist, attractions, along 192.

Of course it is somethimes just as much fun to explore the Disney Resorts. Check out Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness has some nice trails, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. And like Makonyy15 said, Boardwalk and Downtown Disney are pretty good places to spend some time.


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Downtown Disney is great, and the Cirque du Soleil show La Nouba is fantastic. I little pricey, but it is well worth it.

Outside of Disney there is this place called Discovery Cove. It is fantastic. Once again.. it is a little pricey and I am not sure what your budget is, but it has snorkeling, and you can pay a little extra to swim with dolphins, and it is just simply amazing!

Have a great time on your trip! :sohappy:


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Originally posted by makonyy15
It also has Jungle Jims, a nice bar and grill with a lot of character.:slurp:
I 2nd that! We went to Jungle Jim's on our last trip and loved it! They even put little plastic animals in our drinks....:p


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Away from the parks - do DownTown Disney - an introduction to the world of Disney without entering the parks PLUS excellent eating venues, cinema and shops :)


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Originally posted by TAC
Pointe Orlando. There is a movie theater there, which has an IMAX screen as well.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not "Museum." A tourist trap ripoff, IMO.

I-drive and I-192 are tourist trap "heavens." Lots of traffic at the wrong times of day.

As others have said, I'd go to DTD or Boardwalk, or go visit some of the other resorts.
Ive been in the upside-down building...
its not the ripley's museum though, its called wonder works or something like that
big rip
i would suggest going there and taking pictures outside(free) but skip the inside... they make for some pretty cool pictures.

my suggestion, dtd...i LOVE all of the stores there :sohappy: and it really gets you in the disney mood!!


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Yeah, it was Pointe Orlando! -thanks :) FAO Schwarz is (or was?) there too. Perfect place to kill some time or see a movie or shop at the well known brand stores.
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