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Beware: Magical Holidays seller on Ebay


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Magical Holidays is an Ebay seller who sells weeks at various resorts. Bought a week from him for the Sheraton Vistana Resort in LBV. The certificate was for a unit with a Full Kitchen, which in SVR units, is the 1-Bedroom Premium. I verified with Magical Holidays that it was a Full Kitchen unit and bought the week. When we arrived (months later) we were told the unit booked was a Small 1-Bedroom with a kitchenette -- half the square footage of the Premium unit and no balcony. I contacted Magical Holidays who said the week came from RCI and he would contact them to try to straighten it out. Never heard from him again despite my follow-up messages. I think he realized that it was too late for me to leave negative feedback so he just didn't care.

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