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Has it only been four months? Yep, February 6-10. Pop Century, party of 6.
I started a Pre trip report and then, I’m not sure what happened. Life, I suppose.
So, I will attempt to do a quick one now and share some pics at least and then
for the next trip....which is already booked for January 2022, I will try to do a semi live report.

Day 1
We started out at 2:50 a.m. with two sleepy but very excited little boys and arrived at our home away from home at 9:30 am.

We started check in online but of course the rooms weren’t ready yet, so we Hopped on the skyliner and headed to Epcot. Along the way, we saw a friend.


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Pool View on the way.
My favorite Disney transportation!
A beautiful day for a beautiful view
First stop was Regal Eagle for lunch with some of the locals
And we finished up just in time to catch some more friends in a Calvacade
Our next stop was Frozen. First for all of us. Then on to see Figment.A couple of my favorite sidewalk artworks along the way.
After Figment, we headed to The Land for Soarin and Living with the land. Well, T and I did not ride Soarin since he wasn’t quite tall enough. Then on to Nemo, our last ride. J was loving all the rides but T on the other hand...did not like the dark part of the Nemo que! It was game over for him after that. At that point we had all been up for 12 hours with only a few hours of sleep the previous night and were ready for some rest. Back at Pop, one of our rooms were ready but it was well after 4:30 before the second room was ready. First time we’ve ever had an issue, I guess it had something to do with lighter staffing? Once our rooms were both ready and we got our luggage in, we grabbed burgers from the food court and called it a day. Up next, Animal Kingdom day!


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