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Best WDW park at night?

Best park at night?

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Which park is the best at night? Provide pictures of certain lands/areas where it's the best, explain, discuss.

Magic Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom Is Back On, Baby! | by Dave Wheelroute | Saoirse Ronan  Deserves an Oscar | Mar, 2021 | Medium

WDW 2021 Epcot Fountain at night-1 - AllEars.Net

Hollywood Studios
Chinese Theater to Feature Nightly Spotlights as Part of Premiere Night,  Every Night Look at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom
Disney's Animal Kingdom After Dark | Night Show | TravelingMom


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Animal Kingdom.

When each of the parks have closed, you can walk around with almost no one around and just enjoy the ambience. In Animal Kingdom, the greenery and the noises of birds and bugs really immerse you into where you are. The other parks are full of light while Animal Kingdom's almost absence of light also furthers the immersion.



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I love all of them better at night, but picking one I'll lean towards MK. The glow of the lights around the Castle, the buildings and attractions further highlight the feeling of amusement. HM is scarier looking and sounding sinister. Sounds seem to carry through the air more, and you have to be more focused to walk around, therefore your senses are heightened to take it all in. After MK, I'd choose the look and feel of EP.


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Oh what a great discussion. I love all the effort WDWi put into lighting. For me the walkways in future world are my favorite.

Monkee Girl

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Epcot and MK are kinda tied for me. Both are great at night.

Epcot's showcase at night is amazing. My favorite being the Moroccan pavilion. There is something really cool about the warm lighting on those walls. It's the same reason I love the Mexico pavilion...you go inside and it's night time the entire time. I also like wandering around the open pathways at night as well.

MK's night time experience just adds to the adventure and magic. There is a complete different to riding Jungle Cruise at night as opposed to the day. and Tomorrow Land is fantastic at night all lit up. It was never a favorite land for me until I went one tight and just hung out there. I also adore walking towards the Tea Cups at night. If a ride ever exuded the magic of it's movie base it's the tea cups at night. Also, I love that feeling of earned tiredness you feel slowly moseying down Main Street at night. See the CM's waving Goodbye from the Train Station. Taking the boat back to the Poly (riding the boats at night are also amazing).

So yea...long story short (too late) MK and Epcot


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I picked AK for all the extra lighting that has been installed over the last couple of years. That, and as stated above, it’s less crowded there at night.
Epcot is also awesome at night, as well as HS.
So, three way tie with MK, in my opinion, better in the daylight.

Big Phil

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It is still Magic Kingdom I think. Just with the Castle and things like Thunder and Space Mountain lighting up. Epcot is a good pick too with the lagoon.

Pepper's Ghost

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Oh what a great discussion. I love all the effort WDWi put into lighting. For me the walkways in future world are my favorite.
I was thinking the opposite. What an awful discussion because I can't possibly pick a favorite child. 😁 At first I thought MK hands down, but then all the other three have their outstanding night time lights. So tough to choose. I guess I gotta stick with MK and I'll support the photos @Peter Venkman shared, as well as these two, neither of which are mine...



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Now, having previously worked in the Magic Kingdom, I know I'm ridiculously biased, but there's something really special about Magic Kingdom at night time. Particularly, Frontierland. Frontierland can get pretty sleepy at night time, and I'll never forget the countless nights I spent working in an outdoor dining room, listening to the soft music, and watching the stars. A moment can really feel so personal, and that's a rarity in Disney World.


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Oh what a great discussion. I love all the effort WDWi put into lighting. For me the walkways in future world are my favorite.
I second this.
Paging Mr.morrow, Mr. Tom morrow.
I want my ashes scattered across Tomorrowland.....especially the TTA.

Stuff of dreams.....Tomorrowland at night.
Then adventureland.

Brer Oswald

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Magic Kingdom maybe? Main Street is beautiful. The ambience of Frontierland around the Splash and Thunder area is great. Tomorrowland actually looks great with the lights. Fantasyland also has good atmosphere.

Second would be Animal Kingdom. It’s very soothing at night.

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