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Best way to contact disney customer relations?


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Is there a phone number? Email?
We just returned from our amazing trip! However there was an incident on board a bus we were on one night (we were so disappointed in the way the drivers handled it -yes 2 drivers on board the bus; assuming one was training). We passed this along to a cast member in the lobby, but want to make sure the information got passed along.

The incident involved the drivers allowing a large group of drunk adults with open liquor on board the bus, in plastic cups at that! They were loud, swearing, not moving back, spilling drinks etc. it was the most awful experience ever in all my visits to disney. And it was 5:30pm and the bus was filled with families. The drivers also did not announce any of the stops we were at (going from down town disney to the boardwalk), the windows were covered in rain and foggy so no one could see, it was just a mess!

We did have some very good experiences as well, with a cook at tusker house and our room hostess on board the disney dream, those are truly magical people and want to make sure they are recognized as well!


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1 (407) 939-5277 is the number for Customer service.

We had sort of the same experiance. We were at DHS and 3 very drunk males (who were being rude, cursing and making sexual comments to one girl.) on the bus. The driver just laughed and said "You guys will have so much fun! I'm glad I'm leaving!" Yeah.. Didn't say anything because we didn't know if he was being funny or not.

One of them almost threw up on the bus, and the others were hiding their booze in the one guy with the ECV's basket.


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Why do some selfish idiots have to spoil the Disney experience for everyone else :mad:
I know! The cast member I spoke to at our resort was shocked and said she had never seen anything like this. I couldn't believe the driver let the group on with open red solo cups and clear plastic cups filled with "jack and coke" (as the group yelled it) , it felt more like a party bus then a disney bus. I mean I would rather them take the bus then drive, but leave the open liquor at the resort!
It took over an hour to get from downtown disney to the boardwalk (this group got on at the swan or dolphin) ..

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