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What's the best water bottle to bring these days. Preferably something easy to tote or we can hook to a backpack and holds a decent amount without weighing a ton. Doesn't really need to keep anything super cold because we are typically room temp water drinkers šŸ˜ I started looking and was immediately overwhelmed with options. Also, what would be our option to refill? I don't think I want to use water fountains if they are even we just need to get ice waters when we order food to top up the bottle since we can't just stroll in to most places right now??


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Weve had insulated bottles of all brands. Polar and Glacier are ones weve used recently. I dont see your needing specific brands if youre goal isnt for coldness. Any good insulated bottle would work for you. We fill our bottles up with ice from the resort ice machines in the mornings, then add water from the tap. I add flavored Mio to my bottles to cut the bad FL water taste. I carry 3 bottles, 2 with ice water, the third just with packed ice cubes. Then replace ice as needed. We have always ordered extra cups of ice water with our meals and just refill the water bottles as needed. Disneys now restricting guests from just entering to get free cups of water in some areas, and at busier times, so you dont have easy access to water in some areas. All Ears and several other sites have a list of available watering spots.
The CDC says drinking water from fountains can be safe... its the fountain surfaces that need to be avoided where virus can be passed from. I've always stayed away from them anyway in most circumstances, but now I'm really avoiding them.
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We use Thermo Flasks - a generic version of Hydro Flask - which we got at our local Costco. Love them. Keeps water cold if you add ice. Doesn't leak, which is super important. Also will keep drinks hot if that is your thing.

The other thing I purchased is from Amazon - Wild Wolf Outfitters water bottle holder. The 40oz hold carries our Thermo flask. It has a slot for a cell phone and another zipper where you can put credit cards, etc. We pretty much got rid of a bag and just use these.

We would fill our bottles up any time we saw the actual water bottle filling stations (Galaxy's Edge, Pandora, etc) and then always added the ice from our lemonade at lunch.
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We brought the big plastic shaker bottles (mine are from Beachbody but they sell the same ones at Target). They hold a lot of water and are lightweight so they don't weigh us down as much. Especially if you don't care about the water staying cold, I'd say that's your best option!
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I learned about Hydroflasks from this site years ago...and are our bottle of choice now. Wont do Disney without. Itā€™s just the wife and I, so two 24oz are perfect fit in the backpack.

Like stated above...we put ice from resort in the morning. We drive in, so use bottled water that we packed with us...and good to go!

We use usually stop back at the lodge before evening outings, Iā€™ll just top off hydroflasks. The ice usually lasts until the next morning

Camelback has good insulated water bottles too...has a more ā€œopenā€ drinking hole so you can get more!
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A word of caution on Hydroflasks...they dent! My 14 yr old has one and it took very little for this to happen.


Now, I've been told that Hydroflask will replace them if it dents or has issues, but I just haven't gotten around to exploring that route. I will say that even with the dent, it keeps her stuff cold and it takes forever for ice to melt in that thing. I'd say it's better than any of my Camelbak insulated stuff, but not quite as good as Yeti. I've also heard fewer damage issues with Yeti.
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