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Best theming?


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Hi again!

Thanks for the advice in the CRT thread. I'm no longer particularly gung-ho about going there, but we still might.

Anyway, had another question for discussion.

I'm of the school of thought that I want to try new things when I go to WDW. If I wanted a Good Burger Joint, there's 20 of those around here. Ditto with steakhouses.

What I'm curious about is what restaurants are the most "unique" in WDW? Particularly in terms of theming (I'm thinking of things like the performer at Cosmic Ray's at MK).



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I think the San Angel Inn in the Mexico pavilion is the best themed restaurant environment anywhere. You really feel like you're eating outdoors in another place...fantastic.


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Biergarten in Germany.....all you can buffet with good food and entertainment. only negative is you share a table with others, but we've never had any problems with that. we just kind of mind our own business. It's decorated really neat and the waitresses are so cute in their outfits. As far as theming, it's one of my personal fav's. In my opinion when I'm there I feel like I'm in another world. It's a nice break to a hot busy day.


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Ohana is a great themed restaurant - all Hawaiian style, complete with a Hawaiian dancer who entertains. Plus you get the experience of seeing the Polynesian, which in my opinion is the best themed resort in all of WDW. :)

Ditto on Sci-Fi being a cool themed experience too.


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I agree with all of the above and would add that Restaurant Marrakesh (sp?) has great theming with the architecture and belly dancers.


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As previously stated, Biergarten has a great theme and is a lot of fun. 50's Prime Time Cafe is another good one. Sci-Fi's theme is different but the food isn't anything special in my opinion. If you are interested in dinner shows the Hoop-Dee-Doo Review is the best.


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Straight up theming? I would go with Sci Fi, or San Angel Inn.
Theming with good food? Gotta go Boma or Restaurant Marrakesh. Those two both also offer dining choices not commonly found elsewhere. Theming is solid, and the food is great.

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