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Best restaurants in Disney World..article


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Article seemed more like an advert than an actual opinion.

Why is the cedar-plank salmon with ramps and garden squash the pro choice? And exactly what type of "pro" are we talking about? And why is Paella sexy?

"And make sure you try the legendary grey stuff while you’re there -- it’s much, much better than it looks. " - which begs: Why should I try it and how bad exactly does it look - which will help me gauge my expectation of how much better I can expect it to be?


While the food may not be the best at some of these places, I think the themes make them really cool. The atmosphere at BoG and Sci-Fi make them repeat restaurants for me.


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Themes aside I would put Sci Fi on the list of worst restaurants at WDW!
BoG and Coral Reef would definitely not be near the top.
I can't even remember what I ate last time at Jungle Canteen.
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