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Best Resort for Honeymoon


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Hey Friends,

Me & my fiancee really want to do at least part of our honeymoon in WDW! Can I have recommendations on what resort you think we should book? We love the parks but are also looking for that romantic/leisurely feel. Its our dream to stay at the Contemporary and be literally steps away from MK, but we really do love these resorts - Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk, Polynesian. I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks!


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I stayed at the honeymoon suite at the Poly and I highly recommend. It is a step up from club level so we got pampered and had food delivered for free and access to the club. The room was also great with a king bed, views of the fireworks and a hot tub in the room. It wasn't even my honeymoon, we just got a great deal and I had the most relaxing romantic time so I highly recommend the Poly.

Even if not staying at the honeymoon suite, the resort itself is romantic with a relaxing atmosphere and you can walk to the TTC, watch the fireworks from the beach and have drinks at Trader Sam's after your park visits.
I would say the Polynesian resort is going to have more of the romantic/leisurely feel that you are looking for than the Contemporary resort. They are both on the monorail, so the location value is almost equal. There are some better views of the Magic Kingdom to take in from over at the Contemporary, but you can easily monorail there to enjoy those.

Beach Club and Boardwalk definitely meet your leisure requirements. However, the value of the location depends on what parks you plan to spend more time at. Are you planning to be in MK more? If so, go Poly. If you plan to spend quite a bit of time in EPCOT or DHS, then you should consider Beach Club or Boardwalk for the convenient boat transportation.

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I love the Epcot resorts BC/YC walk to Epcot, lots of great dining there. Boardwalk has Jellyrolls, and fun stuff. I also will throw out a Contemporary vote. Walk to MK, great dining, we stayed in the "garden" room. It was very quiet and nice.


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I would vote for the Polynesian if the budget allows, although if you and your spouse are anything like DH and me, you may find it doesn't matter which resort you pick: we were in such starry-eyed newlywed bliss on our honeymoon that a Motel 6 would have felt like paradise.


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We stayed at the Boardwalk for our honeymoon and loved it. Being able to walk to Epcot and DHS is a very relaxing way to start and end many days of your trip. We rented DVC points as well, so our room only averaged out to about $250 per night 👍 We had a balcony view of the boardwalk (and SSE), and enjoyed soaking up the ambience while sitting out there. We also rarely saw anyone else in our hallway -- it felt like we had the place to ourselves, even though we were there in July!


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We actually stayed at the Poly for our Honeymoon back in 2000. We had the "honeymoon package" but were in a regular room I think in the Rapa Nui Longhouse (I think they have since changed the name of that building). Anyway, we found the walk to the Ferryboat to be much shorter from our Longhouse than walking to the Great Ceremonial House and did not like our location. We always felt like we had a long walk to/from our room. We then found Contemporary Resort and have never gone back to Poly because we did not find it convenient at all.

Perhaps it is much better if you have the Honeymoon Suite or a better location than we had. For us nothing beats the convenience of the Contemporary Tower or the view of the the entire Magic Kingdom area which you get from there. It is so nice to get up early with a cup of Coffee and watch Disney World come to life from your balcony. I wish we had done our Honeymoon at Contemporary.

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