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Best Music Score

Which ride has the best music score?

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Well-Known Member
In no particular order, I voted for Splash Mountain, Soarin', Honey I Shrunk The Audience, and Tower of Terror. I also would have voted for Spaceship Earth if available.

Scar Junior

New Member
My vote would have gone to Spaceship Earth. It would have also gone to other things had I known that you could vote for more than one :hammer:


Well-Known Member
voted for Splash Mountain, Philharmagic, and Pirates. I would have voted for Haunted Mansion also if It had been included. Since you included a few shows as well as rides in your poll, there are a few shows I would have picked but none of them are around anymore. Magic Journeys 3-d movie, the Electric Light Parade, and the food show that used to be in the Land before "Food Rocks" don't remember the name.


Well-Known Member
You could have voted for more than one? I surely would have voted for more had I known that you could! Oh well...I voted for Soarin', but it was very close between a few.

Spring Breeze

New Member
Ellen's Energy Adventure is a personal fav. the main theme i think is classic

Soarin is AWESOME!

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain


TOT has great Background music in the queue yard


Premium Member
HISTA = most underrated score (and my favorite)

SGE....while I hate it, I have to say the Galactic Anthem is a cool tune.

SSE, ST, POTC, SOC, and SplM all have great scores too.

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