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Best Missed Attraction or Parade...


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We all miss that one special thing that made our lives that much better at WDW. So my question is this, what one removed attraction or parade did you like to oddles but they then removed.

Me, it's obvious, Tapestry of Nations. Listening to the music right now. Best thing ever to set foot on WDW soil.

All you out there?
I have to second that. I loved Tapestry of Nations, especially the music. Turing on the music now....:(


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The universe is echoing with joy. The sounds of our heart beats and the rithim of our drums, as we rejoice together!!!


Hey Horizons man - I knew you would say that. My wife would second it.

The one attraction I have thought of most lately is Captain EO. There was just something about the fact that Michael Jackson was at the height of his career, and how state of the art that movie was, plus, what makes most good Disney attraction Great? A GREAT SOUNDTRACK! (get the hint corporate Disney?)

Of course I could list others right back to the Mickey Mouse Review (I know it will partially be back as Philharmagic).

Does anyone here remember the opening of BTMRR? I remember that area when all Frontierland had was the boats, Tom Sawyer Island, the WDWRR, Horseshoe Saloon, and Country Bears.
I just thought of something, I would have said Spectromagic, but they brought it back.

On a side note - I do not miss TON as much because I listen to the music all the time, the old parade is still partially intact, and they play the entire soundtrack after Illuminations (along with the full version of We Go On!)

I also thought of the ultimate missing attraction - The original Journey into Imagination!
I miss both Mr Toad, and the Skyway!

Both for different reasons. I loved the Skyway in very much the same way I love the TTA. Just a nice relaxing ride with a view. Great contrast to some of the exciting attractions.

Mr Toad has much better representation in Disneyland, and Pooh does a great job of filling Mr Toads shoes.

I too miss the skyway, and I also used to LOVE the canoe boats in Frontierland. Speaking of the skyway, they need something like that in EPCOT, some way to get a nice view of it all while getting from one side of the park to another.
Hi folks...My first trip ti WDW as a child is very blury...and the next was several years later (the mid 80's). I believe that was the best trip ever, The MAGIC was soooo real. I rode Horizons a dozen times before leaving. The CoP I'll never forget. Figmet was in full glory,and It will always be the MEDWAY people mover to me. I know change is good butttttttt,, sometimes I think some of those Disney people may forgot how everything come about. It was those wonderful classics that gives WDW it MAGIC. I will be in WDW in Three weeks and can't wait. I will be with my wonderful girlfriend, she is a Disney nut also.
Yeah, I remember what they did to If You Had Wings when Eastern went under. They renamed it If You Could Fly and removed all references to Eastern (including the logo on the Airplane). Shortly after, Delta took over as sponsor and create Dreamflight. Buzz Lightyear is much better but I will always miss If You Had Wings.

Another missing attraction - in name only - is the WEDWAY People Mover. It will always be called that in our family.

Anyone miss Communicore East and West?

I also found some corny old pictures of Mickey's Birthday Land (Starland, Toontown Fair). You know, the tent buildings. It was supposed to be temporary.

I am also a strange one who misses the original preshow film at the Universe of Energy - Oil Shale, The Rock that Burns - Energy, you are the proud, you make the world go round and round.....You make the world go round.
Hey, don't get mad at me, I am a Science Teacher. I loved the technical aspect of the 100 syncronized rotating screens.
Originally posted by piglet*florida
I too miss the skyway, and I also used to LOVE the canoe boats in Frontierland. Speaking of the skyway, they need something like that in EPCOT, some way to get a nice view of it all while getting from one side of the park to another.
There isn't too much to see from above epcot. Plus, it would detract from the extensive themeing unless it went around the back of the pavilions, which would still look icky.



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Besides WOM and Horizons... I'd have to say the under appreciated Kitchen Kaberet.

Poor Bonnie Appetite, Cereal Sisters, and the Stars of the Milky Way... R.I.P.