Best indoor roller coaster in Orlando?

Best ride?

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Which is the best ride? Rank them.


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RnR for the win.

I'd go:

1) RnR
2) GotG
4) Gringotts
5) Mummy

Gringotts is a much better dark ride than the others, but straight up roller coaster goes to RnR for me.


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I’ve never been on Mummy or Gringotts so I can’t rank those. My ranking of the ones I have been on is:

2. Rock n Roller Coaster
3. Space


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Respect for the history of it but Space Mountain doesnt even belong in the list unless its the one from Disneyland Paris. Than it wins😂


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Mummy > Cosmic Rewind > Space Mountain > Gringotts > Rockin Rollercoaster

Mummy is really great, from the excellent track layout to the wonderful queue (and the reasonable wait times), there is a lot to love about the Mummy.

Cosmic Rewind is so much fun! But the preshows are a real drag on the experience. So it can't take the top spot.

Space Mountain is a ton of fun, but I miss the moving walkway at the exit, and the renovation about a decade ago where they enclosed the queue was a real hatchet job.

Gringotts may have the best individual moment of any of these, and the queue is quite grand. But all the "stop so the characters can have three paragraphs of dialog" really hurts it.

Rockin Rollercoaster is fun, but not nearly as good as Avengers Assemble: Flight Force at WDSP with the same layout.


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Since TRON is not 100% indoors I am guessing that's why it is not included in the options mentioned here. I rode TRON and Cosmic Rewind once each when we were at WDW in September. Both were quite exciting but both left me with a feeling of motion sickness for a few hours afterwards. That was enough for me. Dramamine was of limited help.

Kind of a shame, since I had the virtual queue millisecond timing down pat and I got BG #1 both times.

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I chose Guardians, because it’s the best ride, but if it was a choice of only keeping one I’d choose Space because it’s more iconic.


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