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My girlfriend got me a trip to Disneyland Paris in March for Christmas. We haven't decided on the hotel yet, any sugestions?? I'll probably only go there once, so I want to make it as memorable as possible!! Thanks for helping out!!

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The obvious choice for a Disney lover would be the Disneyland Hotel. The setting is amazing (overlooking the park). If you're on a smaller budget I *highly* recommend Newport Bay Club Hotel. It's wonderfully themed and is placed in front of Lake Disney. I had a great time there... :wave:

For the list of Disney hotels click here. :)


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Sounds great!! hanks!! Has anyone been to any of the other hotels?? Are they comparable to wdw in terms of themeing, looks and comfort??


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We`ve stayed at Newport Bay and LOVED IT - wouldn`t hesitate to stay there agin. Highly recommended. Even in high season!

PS Stick with your girlfriend... she knows what a man wants!


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I've done the New York and Sequoia.

New York is very Art Deco and is probably the second closest to the parks after Hotel Disneyland.

Sequoia is national park themed (like Wilderness Lodge) and is quiet beautiful.


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If money is not an argument go to the Disneyland Hotel. It is at the entrance of the Disneyland Park and got a great service.

You will find a lot of information about the Hotels with a lot of pic on my website

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I have stayed in the Sequioa and Chyenne.
The sequioa was my favourite and can say that i would definately stay there again, i just love the surroundings and everything about it.
However if you are on an even smaller Budget the hotel Cheyenne is a fun western themed hotel which is really fun, and definately different to your usual hotel, but out of the 2 it would have to be Sequioa that i loved most and would go back and stay in.


I've stayed in NewPort Bayclub ones.

Great hotel, very very very big, the chance that you are a number there instead of a person is big, but they managed to make it a little personal.

We didn't stay in a disney hotel in WDW, so I can't make any comparison.

But Eisner was crazy about his hotels in Paris, so yes, they are very beautiful.


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I've stayed in every hotel on site and can REALLY recommend the Disneyland Hotel, but of course if budgets are limited it's not the best choice.
The Hotel New York is my favourite out of all the hotels!
or there's the Davy Crocket Ranch, it's more self catering, and you really need transport to the park, but I like the fact that it's not in the hussle and bustle of it all, I actually really liked the bargain place :)


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My first post, hey everyone..

If you go out of season iat DLP it can be cold, distance and time to walk become a factor. We visited March 2004 and everything weather wise was thrown at us.

Here are my two penies worth....

Disneyland Hotel is on the park entrance and is very grand, you most definitely pay for this though.

The next three hotels span the lake. (You can get the bus from all but the Disneyland Hotel buts thats lazy ;-) )

Newport Bay and Hotel New York are on the left and right facing the park entrance, equal distance and about 5 minutes walk via the Disney Village. I have not stayed at these but others have helped on them.

At the far end of the lake is the Sequoia Lodge, great theme to this hotel, plenty of wood decking and trees about. We stayed there in March and loved it. This is 10 minutes walk approx from the park. Rooms are good and spacious with two double beds (good for toddlers) There is afaik three seperate buildings, try to get the main building if you can (Montana Room i think), helps not to have to run through the cold for breakfast.

Next is the Cheyenne, the cowboy town, Stayed there before the kids were around, again liked this but now you really have to start having to get the bus in the March weather, otherwise i think the walk is nearing 20 mins with the distraction of kids. They have loads of small buildings with i think with a couple of rooms or so per block (correct me if i am wrong, it was some time ago)

Finally the Santa Fe, I liken the look of this hotel to the look of (and i aint having a go at any people who live in them, dont get me wrong) in the UK to a council estate (Projects in the USA??) I cant lose that image from my mind and couldnt bring myself to stay there. It is obviously mexican themed and is the same sort of distance from the park.

Hope this helps a little


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Thanks a lot everyone!!! So far, I think I will either choose the New York or Sequoia Lodge... but keep these ideas coming... :)

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