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Best HEA viewing area for wheelchair?

Discussion in 'WDW Trip Planning' started by zoso, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. zoso

    zoso Member

    May 13, 2017
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    So I'm going to WDW next month and I'm just curious where the best spot is for viewing HEA for people in a wheelchair?

    I have a younger brother who will need a wheelchair, and I just worry that people standing will block his view. Where would you recommend we bring him? Are there any secret spots?

    Any tips would be helpful, thanks!
  2. DisAl

    DisAl Well-Known Member

    May 21, 2016
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    I don't know if they still do but at one time there were some special areas set aside for wheelchairs for parades, so there may be some for HEA also. Check with Guest Services or a CM when you get there.
    The roped off areas reserved for wheelchairs have a wheelchair "flag" attached to the ropes and there will be a CM there managing the area.
    For the parades you had to get there about an hour early to get a spot before it filled up.
  3. DisneyJoe

    DisneyJoe Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2006
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    When I was there in November, I had a great spot on the hub on the outer curbside between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock if the hub was a clock. I was waiting for my family, I wanted to be curbside so that I had a good chance of a decent view. In other words, you had to cross the street to actually be on the inner hub.

    A CM came along, and told me that there was a much better spot, reserved just for handicapped. I asked where, and said it was closer with a more direct view. I really didn't want to move, but she said they had created this new spot after getting feedback on the previous spot, so I relented.

    The location was at 6 o'clock on the inner hub, it was roped off, and did have a direct view of the castle - until people filled into the hub. I could then only see the upper half of the castle.

    I shouldn't have moved.

    The locations should be on the map.

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