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Best Futureworld Lineup

Which Futureworld lineup is better

  • Horizons, World of Motion, The Living Seas (original), Food Rocks

    Votes: 16 51.6%
  • Mission Space, Test Track, The Seas with Nemo, Soarin'

    Votes: 15 48.4%

  • Total voters


Premium Member
Give me the original Future World with Spaceship Earth v3, Test Track instead of World of Motion, Food Rocks instead of Kitchen Kabaret, and Ellen's Energy Adventure instead of the original Universe of Energy and I'll be good. :cool:


Well-Known Member
I would like a bit of both, I would have current universe of energy with a mixture of music from current attraction and incorporating the original sound track aswell.

I would have th Wonders of Life, keeping cranium command, replacing body wars with a newer version though. Little exhibits such as the making of me I am not too fussed about but I would like having the baseball section and the spinning glasses returned.

I would have Horizons.

I would have the World of Motion and Test Track in seperate pavillions side by side known as the transportation area.

The original Journey into Imagination would be placed inside Imagination! in the magic eye theatre I don't mind which film plays as long as Makin' Memories returned to the preshow area.

Soarin' would not be in Future World, I would actually have that in the world showcase as an opening attraction before you visit any of the countries and the video playing would be footage from all over the countries around the world showcase lagoon. Inside the land, I would restore the 1982 interior, but would have Food Rocks and Kitchen Kabaret alternating every couple of hours, I would have the Circle of Life: an enviromental fable, maybe recreate it in Digital.

The living seas would return as it looked 10 years ago, preshow, hydrolators and sea cabs all included, but the sea cabs would carry the finding nemo story.

Spaceship Earth would take the narration and music from the 1994 version but would have the current version of animatronics, as for the descent, it would be what the current Spaceship Earth will hopefully look like within the next two years.


Well-Known Member
You forgot WoL! One of my favorites!

I want the originals INCLUDING WoL! And I agree with Dubz that we have to have Soarin'. Also The DM has a good idea: original Seas but with Nemo in the sea cabs.

Oh, I like TT and S:M and all, but I miss Food Rocks and WoL and WoM. Horizons was great but would have needed updating by now. Also to some extent WoM as well.

I noticed noone mentioned UoE. I have mixed feelings - we always go. I like both versions; each has merit.

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