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Best Feature-Length PIXAR Film

Which is your favorite full-length PIXAR film?

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Pixar has made some of the greatest movies of all time, so go ahead and vote for your favorite one!


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Tricky for me...Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Monsters, Incredibles, and TS2 are all favorites! The only one I really didn't care for at all was Bug's Life...


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I am a serious movie fan, and more so for animation, and there is simply no question on this one! Rattatatataat! Anyone who disagrees hasn't seen it! At least not on the big screen! hehehehee... This one is so incredible on so many levels- and simply sucks one into it for at least the first twenty minutes! This is a whole new level of both animation and film making!

Now Toy Story was a breakthrough film, and is a great movie, but Ratatatatt is simply is a whole new ball game!

And I never did get Nemo, how the heck it got so big... good enough, but as big as it got? Never got that.

See my review of Ratatatattt on my blog.




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I am surprised that A Bug's Life is not getting any love at all....I liked it a lot, and thought it was way better then Cars....and Ratatouille was just ok with me...I didn't think it was all that special.


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Voted for Nemo here. If I had a 2nd favorite it would be Toy Story 2 which i'm surprised isn't doing better. It might not have been as ground-breaking because it came 2nd but overall it is a better movie than Toy Story 1.


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I love them all, but Finding Nemo is at the top of my list with Ratatouille and Toy Story near the top. Monsters Inc is right up there too. Can't make up my mind! :)


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Finding Nemo hands down! It was hard though because I love all of the Pixar films, although I'm not a big fan of Cars.

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