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Best Drink at Club Cool

What is your favorite drink at Club Cool?

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The best drink is definitely NOT the best tasting. Beverly is the "best" because it's so different that everyone knows about it and has fun with it.


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Watermelon...followed very closely by Krest...although they are both even better if you mix them!:p

We have a Mexican apple soda in stores here, that tastes a lot like the Lift apple.


New Member
There wasn't any of Smart Watermelon when I went the week of Easter so I never got to try it :(
I liked Mezzo Mix the best though.


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This is gross but I found out that Krest kills congestion, friend of mine had a cold at Epcot and discovered that when he gargles it it cleared him up. Good to know if you need to survive a day in a park with a cold, I know how hard that can be.

I wonder what Beverly cures? Probably kills every known germ in the human system. I swore the first time I tasted it, it tasted like castor oil.


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I love the Lift Apple. I've gotten other brands of Mexican apple sodas locally now and then and they're ok, but I love the Lift Apple the best.

Love's favorite is the Krest Ginger Ale. He always gets mad he can't buy a larger serving of it.


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Smart Watermelon is my favorite. I usually have a couple of cups of it. I will always sample a few others too but no trip to Club Cool is over before also having one cup of Beverly. :)


My boyfriend is Costa Rican and he loves that his country is represented at Epcot with Fanta Kolita; he looks forward to it everytime we go.

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