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Best Disney World theme park poll

What is your favorite park at Disney World?

  • Magic Kingdom

    Votes: 29 47.5%

    Votes: 14 23.0%
  • Hollywood Studios

    Votes: 4 6.6%
  • Animal Kingdom

    Votes: 14 23.0%

  • Total voters


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I can't choose. Years ago HS was my favorite, but that was when it was still sort of a working studio. Now not so much. I haven't been the Star Wars yet but isn't SW kinda out dated? I am surprised they dedicated a large part of the park to it. Really like parts of AK. My nostalgic part of me like MK. My adult side likes EPCOT.


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In the Parks
Pretty tight between Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom. Magic probably edges out slightly, but I love the Animal Kingdom theming so that’s why it’s so close behind.


My favourite is currently Animal Kingdom. The last couple of times that I've been over the last three years, the best days that I had there were in Animal Kingdom, and quite a few of my favourite rides (Everest, Kilimanjaro, Dinosaur, etc.) are there. One of my favourite moments that I've ever had in Disney World was in 2017 when we were going around the park while Rivers of Light was on and ended up going on Kilimanjaro Safaris. It was so quiet because everyone else was watching the show that we went straight on and had the entire car to ourselves while it was all dark. Absolutely amazing experience.

Before that, it was always EPCOT. While I finally had a chance to appreciate the World Showcase in full, this year, instead of being in a family group who just sprints through the entire area just to say that they've been there, every single thing that I loved about it is now either gone or vastly different, except for Spaceship Earth (and goodness knows what's happening with that, now), and The Land, so it's very quickly dropped from my favourite to probably my least favourite.
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If I could only go on 1 ride the rest of my life it would be Living with the Land so I had to choose Epcot. Actually I love everything about it but AK does come in a close second. HS and MK switch between 3 and 4 depending on crowds. Busier times of year I'd rather be in the MK since there are more options to spread out the lines. If it's a slower time I'd rather be in HS riding Star Tours about 100 times a day.


My favorite park is Animal Kingdom. EPCOT and Magic Kingdom are both tied for second in my opinion. I love the festivals and learning opportunities in EPCOT but Magic Kingdom brings a smile to my face and warms my heart every time I step out from under the train station and see down Main Street to Cinderella's Castle.


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Overly critical rankings:
1) MK: The mix of spinners, dark rides, and roller coasters is done extremely well. My only complaint is that they placed four of their biggest attractions (Tron, Space, Splash, Big Thunder) in two practical dead ends on opposite sides of the park.
2) DHS: The park is so unbalanced with few low tier attractions among E-tickets. Rise of the Resistance and Tower of Terror are both in my top-five rides at WDW though
3) Epcot: It is kind of hard to rank this park right now with all the construction and it has a severe lack of attractions (not shows) in World Showcase, but it has fantastic food and is probably the most enjoyable park to aimlessly walk around in.
4) DAK: Dinoland is so bad that it drags this park down. The rest of the park is very well themed, but the entire park can easily be experienced by lunchtime if fastpasses are obtained for Avatar.

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