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Best Disney World Resorts for Stretching Your DVC Points


Well-Known Member
For us it is OKW of course. We don't own at AKL and honestly while the value is a nice value at AKL, we prefer Kidani anyway. The article seemed kind of obvious to me. Best value for stretching points IMO is OKW for non-AKL owners, but shhhh tell everyone else it's SSR ;)

Simba's Mom

Well-Known Member
We also own at OKW and love it. I suppose that's a good thing, because when I look at the points needed to stay at some of the newer DVC resorts, I'm shocked. I can't see us ever spending those #s of points.


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It's old key and DAK...the only other good choice is boardwalk standard...which is the best.

The MK resorts other than wilderness are not realistic...Saratoga is probably the worst lb for lb

Mrs Potts

We bought at OKW because of the larger room sizes and lower point costs. And we love it there so it works out!
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