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Best and worst song according to you


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LOL...sorry, Jersey guy here...I've heard WWWAAAYYY too much "Boss" for my lifetime...IMHO, he might be a great songwriter, but in reality, he's just the lead singer of a boardwalk bar band that made it...stop with the politics, don't drink tequila at Sandy Hook, shut up and play your guitar.
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BEST: "The Show Must Go On" - Queen
Speaks to me on an emotional level & I think Freddie Mercury's vocal prowess in this song is unmatched. I'm a HUGE Freddie fan.

WORST: "The Christmas Shoes" - New Song
One of the hokiest, poorly written, & infuriating songs I've ever heard. I dread hearing it on the radio every holiday season & will change the station when it comes on. It really burns me up.

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