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Belt bag recommendations with bottle holder?

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I really want to be a hands free park goer this go around!

I bought the WDW sketch belt bag and its a perfect size and has the perfect amount of pockets etc.

I also bought one of those clips to hang a water bottle.

What I'm finding is that without anything in it the belt bag seems to have a substantial weight since its made out of a thick and sturdy material and then add the hanging water bottle swinging from side to side as I walk and it gets pretty uncomfortable pretty fast.

So curious to know for those who use a belt bag which is your go to? What can you fit? And does it have a water bottle holder or is there a holder you recommend to attach that doesn't swing as much?


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I love your “belt bag” (I assume we don’t call them f-a-n-n-y packs for various reasons)!
We usually use a water bottle lanyard. It goes over the shoulder and across the chest. We find it doesn’t swing too much and our kiddos are willing to carry their own (usually). It’ll fit your own bottle or one of the Dasani bottles if you buy those in the park. You can search Amazon for “water bottle lanyard” and find lots of options.
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