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Did you like Tapestry of Nations?

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Here's the place to disucss the best parade IMHO ever: Tapestry of Nations. Post links to video, photos, and such along with accounts of the final days of the Sage of Time and your first time you saw the parade.


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Yes, I did like it.


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I loved it ! First time we saw it was Oct 1999 i think right when it started.The music, the drums and costumes it sounds sappy but i always got teary eyed when i saw it, and i was so glad that they kept mostly everything the same for Tapestry of Dreams !:cool:


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Well I like the music, but I havent seen the show in person yet. I like both versions of the parade.


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Tapestry of Nations

I loved Tapestry of Nations and Tapestry of Dreams. I don't find them to be that different. The music is infectious and the concept is really creative magic. I like it better after dark. We try to see it as many times as we can on each trip. 46 days to go!!!!


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I did like the parade. The music is great and the CMs who worked in the parade do a great job (somehow I don't think I'd be able to smile that much carrying one of those puppets on my back). The Sage of Time storyline struck me as kind of lame, but other than that the parade was unique and entertaining.

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I was just searching for info on the parade and this site came up! I thought I saw that someone was going to observe the twentieth anniversary of this for CMs. I was a guest.
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