Beauty and the Beast Props Backlot Tour


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Yesterday, While at Hollywood Studio's to see Rock the Night Fireworks, I did the backlot tour, and while on it, I noticed some props that will (Im guessing) be used in the BatB area. Props included a model (for lack of better words) of the beast and belle dancing, and some outside planters, themed to the area.
Sorry, but my phone takes horrible pictures, so I have no pictures.


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This one?



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It looks like white chocolate :hurl: I dont like white chocolate
or the butter sculpture at the Pennslyvania farm show in Harrisburg

Perhaps you missed the reply: "Yes, that was the one. But it was painted.
" And the picture shows it sitting on a workbench next to a bunch of paint. I don't think you have to worry about a butterBelle...


I wonder if that is a prototype table for the restaurant to the left of the statue.
that would be beautiful! I would imagine that would be used for counter service, then at night they would put table cloths on it for full service.
Also does anybody thing the furniture will match the theme of each individual room or will it be constant throughout the restaurant
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