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Beauty and the Beast dark ride


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Could the beauty and the beast dark ride that's going to Tokyo Disneyland, be added to fantasy land at the magic kingdom ?
Nope. You will have to go to Japan.

If they bring it to MK it will be your traditional rail ride.

Tokyo Trackless $200 millon

Magic Kingdom Tracked $5 ride


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I mean in theory yes. There’s plenty of room across from the backstage access road and you could link up be our guest pretty easily with that area with a bridge.

Will they? Yeah I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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Should they is the right question.

In my opinion, yes they SHOULD. Magic Kingdom is the flagship park at the flagship resort. I honestly believe WDW should always have the best of the best, but oftentimes that just doesn’t happen. We get lots of the value-engineered stuff.

Will it happen? Highly doubtful.

Big Phil

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Those wait times just seem worse and worse each year. There is no reason that they can't add more rides to spread things out a bit. The Fantasyland expansion added just two rides, and then expanded Dumbo to two. One of the Fantasyland expansion rides I haven't been able to get on because of the line, Mermaid always is reasonable if not short and is it just me or did Dumbo actually get LONGER with two of them as opposed to when it was right by the Carousel?

Yeah, add more stuff, even the classic dark rides.


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Probably not, especially since MK already has a Beauty and the Beast miniland with Be Our Guest restaurant being the focal point.


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To me, it’s pretty obvious that the existing design was for a ride. Enter Maurice’s workshop, board a vehicle, exit from a cave below the castle... but someone wanted it to be all about the money (princess meet and greet / photopass and a restaurant).

New Fantasyland should have been beast e-ticket, little mermaid d+ ticket (so better than it is now) and 7 dwarves e ticket (the original version designed for the current footprint.

And then storybook circus should have had, among other things, a Casey jr. ride.
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