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Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage return date


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"On August 15, a tale as old as time will return to Theater of the Stars on Sunset Boulevard with “Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage.” The heartwarming tale of Belle and Beast will once again swirl to life in this lush stage performance, with colorful costumes, gorgeous scenery and the songs you know and love."



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I'm glad entertainment is starting to return in a meaningful way.

It's just too bad that we're getting this 30-year-old show (that looks and feels it) rather than something new. The pandemic was the perfect opportunity to finally put this thing out to pasture and replace it with something fresher. Considering its scale, it's a relatively simple production, so it's easy to see why it's one of the first things to return.

Still, something is better than nothing, and this seems to be an early step in the right direction.


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They have to start with one. One can easily understand why they might decide to open Beauty and the Beast before Indiana Jones. It starts with one. Reading more into it at this point is jumping to conclusions.

This brings up the question of why they are bringing them back one by one? This, Laugh Floor and Turtle talk are each opening about one week apart.


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No kidding. This is one of those shows that should have ended long before COVID.
I have become convinced that the entire division of the company has actually forgotten that they have a bunch of theaters for shows that require a fraction of capital as a ride to redevelop. I believe the two of the three newest non-seasonal theater shows in WDW have already been aborted (UP! and Finding Nemo are done, right?), whereas every other permanent theater show is older and still ostensibly running (this one) or possibly mothballed with no replacement (Voyage is also done, right?). It's truly something.


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Our last day at DHS is August 11. We've never taken the time to see this show and my dd12 suddenly has become aware of how amazing and talented actors/singers/artists etc... are and has begun to truly appreciate the effort that goes into these types of productions. I'm sad for her that so many of these shows will still be closed during what will likely be our last trip for a very long time.

I think Fotlk and Frozen sing along are the only live performances that will be happening in early August, correct? MiLF will also return during the last part of our trip, so hopefully we can catch that, too.

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