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Beastly Kingdom 5th Park (update on pg 10) (The Great Egyptian Lodge)


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The family coaster seems like a good alternative to the thrill rides that so far make up the park. I’m not really a thrill junkie. The most I can do without puking are the Disney coasters like Everest. Anything else and the people in front of me are in for a surprise. It would create a great ride photo though seeing my puke all over random strangers.

What I would really love is The Excavator coaster that was never built in Animal Kingdom (Beastly Dominion's sister park). All it would need is a retheme to one of the lands, perhaps Egypt or Star Wars' ice planet.


"The Excavator. This ore car circuit was to form the basis for a huge, heavily-themed, mine cart-style roller coaster that would be one of Disney's Animal Kingdom's headline thrill rides. The storyline would be that the college students had once again restarted the Excavator, using it to transport dinosaur fossils.

After queuing past a host of signs warning them that the site was unsafe, guests would have boarded a ride that bears a striking resemblance to both Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the under-construction Seven Dwarfs Mine Train."
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I didn’t like the Last Jedi at all, but I’m willing to give the ice foxes a chance. Afterall you can’t blame the actors for a terrible film. They are just doing what the director makes them do. Plus they may have loved ones to feed. I’m sure their isn’t much work on Crait, so you take what you can get. Their beautiful creatures that could really look cool in real life on an attraction. Put in them and some other snow based creatures and critters we haven’t yet seen in the film series and you could really have something.

I don’t want to get off subject, but Rian Johnson (I don’t even like how he spells his name) should have never been given the job. Last Jedi looked like it was a made for the Disney Channel and not a major big budget….. Okay okay, I shouldn’t be insulting Disney Channel movies that much. I’ll just end with this... when Last Jedi came out somewhere George Lucas and Jar Jar Binks were laughing.
Hopefully it’s more of a coaster than a dark ride. Dwarves says it is a coaster, but it really is just a dark ride masquerading as one. I get more thrills passing gas in my wife’s face. Yes I am her loving alarm clock.
I like the idea for the petting zoo, it’s kinda like Rafiki’s Planet Watch, but with alien creatures. The smell has got to be better than Rafiki’s though, unless we have to cut open a Taun Taun to stay warm.

I doubt it will come to that though unless Disney wants to charge people 100 bucks to kill one. But the hippies would be all over that though. “Save the Taun Tauns, We are all God's creatures man.”

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The petting zoo sounds good. As long as I don’t have to stare into the cast members eyes while I’m petting a creature. Or else it could get weird when I’m saying “oooo yeah baby”.

Another bonus I would only have to think of the last person who pet the creatures germs. And not the furry living creatures who possibly roll around in their own excrement.
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I’ve never had Kaki Gori, I usually tend towards the more fattening items. My doctor says “No Oogey. You shouldn’t have a diet of just fried and chocolate things.” But Kaki Gori does look good. I was staring at someone eat it in the Japan pavilion. They seemed to enjoy the shaved ice, but for some reason not my blatant staring.

I wonder what the outfits on the cast members will be. If it is indeed indoors they can wear more wintery clothes like ear muffs and stuff. A Taun Taun hat would be awesome.
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The Dragon section will be home to the park’s main icon (Volcano/Ash Mountain) and signature attraction. It will be a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” copy with a different theming involving dragons. And is based on the future Disney Animated film “Raya and the Last Dragon”.

I’m not sure where it will be, but a meet and greet with characters from the film “Raya and the Last Dragon” will be in the area.

A quick service with a Stone dragon oven will be in this section called “Dragon Fire Pizza”. They will serve a more Artisanal style pizza then Pizzafari in it’s sister park. It is possible that another table service restaurant will be added at a later date similar to Vulcania in Disneysea.


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The volcano would have to trump Volcano Bays or else Disney wouldn’t do it. Which is pretty simple, all they'd have to do is make it bigger than Universals. It would be a nice big middle finger from Mickey Mouse to Harry Potter (or whoever).

They could just copy the Tokyo Sea mountain and make it darker. Double purpose, they can sacrifice the guests that improperly touch characters in it's molten lava/fire. It would make for a nice night show for the kiddies and a learning experience.

“Mommy why did they burn that man alive?”
“Because he’s a dirty scumbag junior.”
“I can still hear his screams.”
“That’s just an added perk.”
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I’m happy about Raya and the Last Dragon, it finally gives us something that isn’t a bad sequel. In fact I haven’t seen a good Pixar film in ages. I was wishing I was Dory after “Finding Dory” and could forget ever seeing the film. I can’t wait to see if “Raya” measures up.

They are saying the land in the film is based on many Asian countries and not a specific one. So Imagineers will have plenty to work with if it ever comes to a park.

Goofy Ninja

It can always go in Animal Kingdom if Beastly Dominion never comes to pass. Everyone knows which sections would be on the short list to Demo (Dinoland or Rafiki’s Planet Watch). But I would prefer it if they just build it near Africa this way we won’t have to lose anything. Something is usually better than nothing. Unless it is something like spending the holidays with your In-Laws.

“My daughter could have done much better than you. Samuel Greenleaf who used to date her in high school has his own funeral home now…. And what do you do again?”

“I work at Walmart...(under his breath) you old coot. You’ll need a funeral home if you keep bringing it up.”


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If the dragon ride is anything like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in Disneysea then we will all be in for a real treat. I like the idea of a total retheme of the idea with Dragons. Afterall many rides are basically the same poop with a different smell.

Plus Dragons are... to put it simply…. BADASS. They seem to be the male equivalent to a little girl’s obsession of unicorns. I don’t want to ride one, be near one and would be deathly afraid of them if they actually existed, but I would love to see them burn some poop.
I maybe way off, but it kinda reminds me of Test Track and Cars. Which is much different then a coaster ride. And that is a good thing because you don’t want to have too much of the same thing in Beastly Dominion. Most Disney parks usually check off all the boxes. Boat rides, dark rides, coasters and some form of movie entertainment. With Guardians going in Epcot, Hollywood is now the only one that doesn’t (because it doesn’t have a boat ride… Yet).
It does actually feel like Radiator Springs because it takes place in a Car-like vehicle. Though the exterior looks like something out of Mad Max. ...Thankfully Tom Hardy isn't chained to the front of it though.

It definitely is a fun ride that us Americans would welcome with open arms (unlike that stupid Duffy Bear and his equally stupid friends).
I haven’t seen the movie yet (Raya and the Last Dragon) so I can’t say how it will be. But the early concept art looks amazing and I’m excited for it. It’s something new and interesting. Which is something Disney badly needs with all of it’s recent non sequel duds (Onward and Soul look awful as well) they’ve been churning out.

I was hoping Ralph (Wreck it Ralph) would jump off a building and it would be Game Over for him. And that Dory would get caught in a fishnet. It's really too bad... she's not edible, because I'd like to see her sauteed over some butter. There's only so much I can take of her and her forgetfulness.
Meet and Greets

With the new animal puppeteering at Animal Kingdom like the Finding Nemo show. And even the lame one's at the front of the park (I can see you man, I know the animals aren't real). It has certainly made it possible to create Meet and Greets with nonhuman characters. And perhaps even shows as well.

I think Universal may scoop them on this though with the new "How to Train your Dragon" section in Epic Universe.
I saw a great Dino show recently with very realistic creatures. They used both puppeteering and animatronics for it. It’s called “Walking with Dinosaurs”.

Below this awesome paragraph (written by a handsome debonair man) is a link to a behind the scenes vid for it. Maybe Disney could do something similar to it with their Dragon show. It's either this or they could paint one of the cast members blue and hang him from wires and have him say "Roar" unenthusiastically.

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When it’s about nonsense 10 billion dollar investments that would involve taking people away from the FOUR parks you already paid for??

...I’ll start a site just for that.

This is amateur hour stuff

Have you seen the parks? They are unbearably crowded at least 330 days of the year. If they had another park it would space people out. When we go on vacation with her, my grandma has to run over hundreds of people on her motorized tiger.

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