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News Beach Club Marketplace closing for refurbishment


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I wonder if they’ll be able to fit the coffee sales into the beach club marketplace now instead of needing that wedding-bar looking setup in the next room every morning.


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Someone told me they're removing the Freestyle machines, which, if true, :rolleyes:

Foodservice establishments wind up hating the Freestyle machines because they don't let you cheat people with watered down soda adjust the ratios to optimize guest experience.

That sounds like a huge bonus to me. The Freestyle machines are the worst.

I understand why people like them if they want a bunch of added flavors, but if you just want a regular Coke, you're out of luck. I've never once had a Coke out of a Freestyle machine that actually tasted remotely similar to how Coke typically tastes (and I've probably tried at 25-30 different locations if not more); I just skip getting a drink now if the place has Freestyle machines.

I suppose I should thank Coca-Cola for their terrible invention, though, because it really helped me stop drinking soda.
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Photo update as of Thursday, August 27, 2020. Despite the "exit" sign at this door, the Beach Club resort Marketplace is closed. Here are a few photos of the temporary Marketplace at the Solarium, offering cold and hot sandwiches and other items.


The entrance hallway to the Solarium.




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