Barbossa vs. Original Pirate Captain

Which is Better?

  • Barbossa

    Votes: 21 46.7%
  • Original Pirate Captain

    Votes: 24 53.3%

  • Total voters


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I like both. I think the addition of Barbossa was fine.

Adding Jack Sparrow probably would have been okay, but for all the light pollution from all the flash photo-takers.

I'm glad that trend has now died down a bit, now that cell phone cameras aren't quite as new. For a while IMO, parkgoers were a bit photo-crazed.


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Wicked Wench Pirate. He is on the original WDW attraction poster and I really of course, miss that Paul Frees' voice delivery. There is less and less Paul Frees all of the time. They did not bother to salvage him as the Auctioneer so now I miss the captain even more. "Bloomin' cockaroachers"

Dear Prudence

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As MUCH as I love Paul Frees, there's just too much of him on Pirates (aahhhhh, I know, sorryyyyy). Plus, not only is it word for word the same dialog, but it's VERY obvious that Rush was living his best life in that recording session.

Cowboy Steve

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It s OK... I'd probably like it more if they had toned down the Captain Jack over-saturation a tad bit... seems like every section of the ride has at least 2 characters using his name... And my goodness... don't have the ride stop at the end when Jack is singing in the treasure room... oof... Talk about Sparrow fatigue :rolleyes: My wife would disagree however... she thinks there isn't enough of Jack!

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