Bandit’s Ghost Town (for Disneyland)


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Bandit’s Ghost Town

Location: Located on the outskirts of Disneyland’s Frontierland across from Big Thunder Mountain. It replaces Big Thunder Ranch and some backstage areas, but unlike Galaxy’s Edge it will not require the layout of the Rivers of America to be changed. This project will ignore Galaxy’s Edge existence and should be seen as an alternate idea if the expansion space was used for a Frontierland expansion. The Disneyland Railroad route will be changed to go through Western River Expedition.

Backstory: After the Big Thunder mining operation was hit with great disaster, Bullion, the head of the Big Thunder Mining Co., not learning his lesson moved his sights to the nearby Marauder Mountains. After moving his mining enterprise, he moved to make the land incorporated into Rainbow Ridge, conflict arose between Rainbow Ridge and the bordering city, Dry Gulch, of who owned the land between Big Thunder and Dry Gulch. The denizens of Rainbow Ridge continued anyway with the construction of new buildings, but hostilities quickly became a part of everyday life in Rainbow Ridge.

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There were burglaries, kidnappings, and shootouts everyday it seemed. Mostly caused by the troublemakers from Dry Gulch. It almost looked like a war between Rainbow Ridge and Dry Gulch would soon erupt, when one day there was a Great Flood that killed many, including Bullion. No one wanted any part of the Marauder Mountains mining operation or Rainbow Ridge. Most of the good and honest citizens moved away from the town making it a Ghost Town. The only ones left were the low lives and bandits who knew the abandoned town of Rainbow Ridge would make a good hideout. After all, who would want to look for thieves between two possibly cursed mountains?


Western River Expedition: Pirates-like boat ride that takes you through an audio animatronic filled journey through the Old West (based on the Marc Davis’s concepts; will remove/heavily modify the initial caverns at the beginning and “Indian Rain Dance”)

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“Trusty” Ed’s Dry Gulch-bound Stagecoaches: Would begin as a calm sightseeing tour, but after a holdup within the WRE building would become a fast thrill ride. (Haven’t settled on the ride system, probably would be slot car)

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Dry Hill Cemetery: Walkthrough graveyard filled with amusing epitaph and odd happenings beyond the grave.

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Dr. Wuak’s Miraculous Medicine Showcase: Streetmosphere show featuring a snake oil salesman attempting to sell his wares.

Sheriff Lucky’s Shootdown Stuntshow: Show will focus on Sheriff Lucky war on crime in Bandit’s Ghost Town. Lucky is an idiot and all his wins against criminals are through sheer luck. Would be scared at the end of the show by the sight of an obviously fake ghost.

Shops and Restaurants:

Duke Du Vol’s Fencing Emporium: Sells mostly western and cowboy themed clothing. Pretends to be a legal fence making store as a front for what it really sells. Former location of Marauder Mountain Mining Company.

Six Shooter Saloon: Smaller restaurant than the Golden Horseshoe, no stage, would have a non-alcoholic bar.

I’ll expand on these ideas at a later point. I’m open to constructive criticism and further brainstorming.


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I would like to see an expansion of Frontierland at Disneyland, since there's not a whole lot there right now. Although I like Galaxy's Edge, I'm kind of sad to see that it killed off any chance of expanding Frontierland. But, I like your ideas.
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