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Trip Report Back from the world! VLOGS live!

It's been a week since we got back from the most magical trip to Orlando, with Disney being the most magical part of course! We did other parks such as Universal/Busch Gardens, plus a few water parks! If you'd like to see what we got up to to get excited for your upcoming trip, or to tempt you to book that 1st holiday there, then I've uploaded the first few of our VLOGS from the trip! The Magic Kingdom one went live last night if you want to skip straight to the Disney stuff!

1. Travel/Arrival

2. Aquatica/Disney Springs/Wet & Wild

3. Magic Kingdom! (Got some nice footage from 'Wishes' and 'Electrical Parade' & 'Festival of Fantasy'

If you guys enjoy these, be sure to subscribe for much more coming soon!

Any questions about our trip, please ask, and I'll do my best to answer based on our experiences!


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Thanks for the videos... just did a quick scan now, but we will be looking them absolutely at home :) Pumping ourselves up for our October trip! Thanks for sharing!!

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