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BAChicagGal - that's me!


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I have been posting other places for about 11 years, and have taken a total of 20+ Disney trips. Those trips are about equally divided between Disney World, and Disneyland. I first went to Disney World in 1997, and it took me about 8 years to finally get to Disneyland. I admit to being much more of a Disneyland fan than Disney World, but I am presently planning a WDW trip for myself, and a family of 6. The seven of us are off to WDW in August/September, and I will be celebrating my birthday there.

My name is actually Barbara Ann but you can call me BA. I live in Chicago, which is 4 hours away from Disneyland, and about 2 1/2 hours from WDW. Since my name was taken, I came up with BAChicagoGal, as an alternative. It will take some getting used to for me. I look forward to posting about all things Disney here. I love to plan my trips. I love to help plan trips that I take with others.

I am a huge Jiminy Cricket fan, and have been since I first saw him singing, and playing the piano on the Mickey

Now I am off to check this place out. I have heard good things.


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Welcome. Always nice to see another Chicagoan here. It's 92 degrees in Chicago today, so we can pretend we're in Florida.

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