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Awesome CM!!!!


Original Poster
Hey guys I would just like to give a BIG Mickey hand clap to a CM I just spoke with on the dining line. ABAGAIL LYNN you are AWESOME!!!!!:sohappy: :sohappy:

I am exactly 180 days out of the day we wanted for breakfast with Cindy at her castle, and I called to make the ressies. To my shock(remember it is 180 days today) they are completely booked. She did some looking and found us a time that would work.Which again was not easy. I knew it booked up fast, but I thought I was ok 180 days away. After the amount of time she took to do that for me, she then took the liberty to check my other reservations. We had made res. at Chef Mickey's for my daughter's 8th b-day for 10 people. She found that we were not sitting together and that the b-day info had been left out. She then went in changed everything all around and made it right! She also double checked some other matters(and I didn't even have to ask her to). I was probably on the phone with her for 15 or more mins. (Sorry if anyone was waiting to speak with a dining specialist:lookaroun )She never once seemed like she had anything else to do. I just want to say THANK YOU. I am feeling pretty good that our dining experiences will go well. I can't wait for our vacation!!!:wave:

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