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Avatar traveling Exhibit--odd thing to do?


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Saw this story today that another company is debuting a traveling world of Avatar
exhibit in 2016.



So, um, hmm.

On one hand, it re-introduces the idea of Avatar to people who may not have been thinking about it.

On the other hand, it creates brand confusion. "So, is Disney making this?" "Is this the thing that Disney made?" "Oh, I don't need to go to WDW, that exhibit came to my city."
You get the gist.

Not to mention inevitable comparisons will be made to whatever level of quality and immersion the respective companies bring to their installations.

It just seems weird that Cameron would go for this. Or that his arrangement with Disney would even allow for it.



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If done well, I think something like this only helps keep Pandora and Cameron in the public's collective consciousness. Cameron is also supposed to be working with Cirque on an Avatar themed show (don't know if that is impacted by the recent sale or not). He needs this type of stuff to fill in the time of Pandora opening and the next movie.


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I can see how it would be confusing and I too am surprised to see that Disney's contract with Cameron would allow a traveling copycat Pandora, but I do think that Disney should view any mention of Avatar, anywhere, as a positive thing. The film seems to have fallen into a shocking level of obscurity given how much money it made, and Disney is losing the chance to get anyone excited about Avatarland because of the film. (I'm sure many are excited just to see Disney doing something, however, even if they don't know the movie.) Few people under the age of 20 have the slightest clue what it is, and I've seen nothing in the past several years (merchandise, television broadcasts of the movie, spin-offs) that would usher it back into the public consciousness.


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Interesting...I'm all about them getting Avatar back into the public eye. Good way too gauge public interest.....When the land opens I think people will be amazed what the Disney PR team can do: replaying of the movie on tv, some kind of The Making of Pandora/Avatarland special, teaser trailers for the new movie, toys with the Disney Infinity line, etc. I have no worries about Disney getting people excited about the brand again. Maybe this is a part of their plan?!?

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