Avatar Flight of Passage vs Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Which is the better ride?

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Rise of the Resistance. From the very start you are put into the SW action. The CM’s play their roles as storm troopers perfectly adding to the excitement. It goes on and on with multiple action scenes, giving you what you’d expect from battling the storm troopers and Kyle Ren. The entire set is phenominal. From start to finish you are holding onto your seat.


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Personally, they both have flaws, but I usually skip Rise.

The FoP preshow is thoroughly annoying, as is the loud noise they play in the concrete slab portion of the queue. You are supposed to only be in that area for a short time, but I've sometimes had the misfortune of getting stuck in that area for what felt like eternity. I Feel really bad for the CM's who have to work there.

With Rise, the whole thing is too cumbersome, IMO. Even if there is no wait, the attraction takes too long. I like/liked that the CM's in the middle of the ride get to be in character- or did? - I did hear they toned down the interactions. I despise Kylo Ren though, because Adam Driver's acting is annoying. I don't know why anyone thinks he's a good actor. I'll avoid spoilers, but I also can't get past some of the plot holes.
It's not all bad, it just isn't worth the ILL upcharge/90minute wait.

FoP isn't my favorite, but we usually try to ride it. IMO, Galaxy's Edge was a huge disappointment.


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I respect Rise for the groundbreaking design and very cool experience. People wonder about imagineering talent — wow did they deliver. If all the parts worked consistently, I’d give Rise the edge.

However, Flight puts a wide grin on my face and makes me want to whoop with joy. Pure and simple.

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