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Avatar Flight of Passage reviews, comments and questions

Cesar R M

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I have ridden this ride twice now, and it is the real deal. It is tough for me to give a lot more info as so much is already available online. The queue is second to none in my book. It is simply a work of Imagineering art, providing a story of its own starting in primitive caves, advancing through the military base that is slowly succumbing to nature. The animal sounds in this section are a nice touch. The science lab with the Avatar floating in a tube is incredible. We also liked all of the studies and lab tests that were happening.

The decontamination room is fun. We really enjoyed the "theater" of it all. This is where they really do a good job of explaining things for you so that prior knowledge of the film really is not necessary. The scene with Dr. Ogden is also informative, furthering the narrative of what is about to happen. I also think that these sections really demonstrate why this land works better in DAK as opposed to DHS. The Imagineers were crafty with how they work in concepts of conservation, endangered species, etc. This world simply "fits" better in DAK.

The link chairs help build tension as you can watch the information on your personal screen of your link chair. The part I loved was the chair vibrates as you get closer to starting the simulator. Then these bright lights flash in your face. When you look up you suddenly realize that the wall in front of you is gone. The same flashes of light appear in front of you. This effect is so well done it is freaky how you transition from looking at the screen on your link chair to the big screen in front of you.

The simulated ride is exhilarating. I find that to be the best adjective to describe it. I really felt like I was flying. The 3D is great, helping to pull you in the action even more. The dives are very well executed, and the lean of the chair coupled with the wind that hits your face creates an effective illusion, as does the water sprays in your face during various oceans scenes. The water scene itself is one of my favorites. The cave where you stop about half way through is a beautiful moment within the ride.

All in all it is a home run, providing thrills without producing a lot of motion sickness problems. It is one of the best attractions in all of Orlando. If I were asked I would rank it higher than Gringotts in DA.
damn, I cant wait to save a few bucks to get my butt to AK!


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I was likewise much more excited for Na'vi River Journey, and had low expectations for FoP. The Na'vi River Journey was nice. The only real adjective I can use to describe the ride is...nice. I think that the ride was developed to evoke a sense of wonder. The problem is that sense of wonder begins to develop at about the time the ride is approaching the end. It takes more than a couple of minutes to really begin to transition from being in the "real world" to being fully engrossed with the new wondrous world we are meant to experience on Na'vi River Journey.

An analogy I will use is that it takes me about 3 days of vacation before I actually start relaxing and quit thinking about work. It simply takes that long for my brain to transition from high stress/problem solving mode to a more relaxed state. If the ride were a bit longer, I think it would solve the problem of lack of immersion. The Shaman is amazing, but the ride ends abruptly upon seeing her. Imagine turning the corner and seeing maybe 2 or 3 more 10 foot Na'vi animatronics in various scenes, and extending the ride a couple more minutes. If that were the case, the ride would likely be near a must do every trip for me. All in my humble opinion of course.

As I wrote in an earlier review, although I did expect much from FoP, it is now one of my top 3 favorite attractions in all of Orlando.

I fully agree. I think this ride would have benefited greatly from a queue more similar to that for FoP. The River Journey queue loops you throw endless switchbacks in essentially an open hut. Once you finally enter the cave, you almost immediately load into your boat. In my opinion, if the cave tunnels were longer with increasing bioluminesence presence and animal sounds, the rider would become immersed in the world prior to boarding.


I was able to get on FoP twice Friday morning! When I got to the AK gate, they told us Pandora was open and we headed straight there. I hadn't read much about either NRJ or FoP, I just know Disney has been making a bigger deal out of the boat ride, which I thought was boring.

However, we got on FoP first, with a wait time of 60 minutes, although we were on and off in about 50. I can say without a doubt, that ride had me SHOOKETH. My jaw was dropped the entire time. When my other sister made it to AK, the wait time was up to 75 minutes, (it was more like 90), she enjoyed it even more! Without a doubt, my favorite ride at WDW, and we got to ride it without those crazy opening day wait times.

Our only qualm is with the seats. My dad would have enjoyed the ride, I'm sure, but his "body shape" wouldn't have allowed it. This is America. Don't they realize they're alienating so many people who won't be able to push their stomachs up close enough to ride safely?

Nevertheless, Flights of Passage is amazing.


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Fun ride, beautiful visuals (much more vibrant than the movie and even the rest of the land), but it's a shame they couldn't find a way to utilize any practical effects. It's basically a thrill ride version of Soarin'. An improvement on the formula, but nothing revolutionary. The "breathing" of the RVs is a nice idea, although a bit hokey since you've clearly never left the link chair or whatever it's called. The ride film also gets a bit blurry at points, taking away from the ride's strong suit, its visuals, and breaking immersion somewhat. The 3D glasses felt a bit too loose, as I had to adjust them several times.

The outdoor queue is well done, especially the large scene towards the beginning, but the indoor queue is lacking until you get to the final laboratory room. It reminds me of a cheap haunted house.

I'll be doing this ride on any future trips to AK, but I'm not waiting 4 hours for it... again.


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anyone wondering where you go through if you get through fastpass+ check out this video from 11:45 on:

basically you get into a separate part of the cave and then you already walk towards the link chambers.


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I went on it today with a FP+, literally walked right on and into the link chamber - which I almost wish we could have seen the queue a little more. I have to say, this is hands down the absolute best ride I have ever been on. It was breathtaking to say the least and made me feel emotions I didn't know I had for Pandora because I only saw the movie once and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep. It truly felt like you were flying - the movements felt like wing flaps, the wind on your face, the mist of the water, the mossy smells... I wish I could have ridden it more than once but the standby was already 4 hours long at 8:30am this morning. A+++.

I rode Star Tours on Wednesday and I have to say it made me feel pretty motion sick, rode Soarin' on Friday and it made me just a bit queasy, but I did not feel any sort of sickness after riding this.

I will say the only "negative" thing was that the glasses were pretty loose on my face and I noticed a little blurriness during 2 scenes. If they fix these two little issues, I think that it would make the experience even better. I really love this ride and I think it's my favorite ride in any theme/amusement park.

edit - no one in my group had to leave because of the restraints
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Saturday seemed to go as smoothly as it could. Sunday was rougher.

I think yesterday fell apart right around 2pm. When I got to AK at 10:45am we walked right into Pandora, it wasn't crazy busy. We used our fastpass to walk right on NRJ. Our expected 250 minute wait for FOP was less than 180 minutes. And we walked right up to order food at Satuli Canteen with no wait. We did notice that at 2:15pm the line said 120 minutes for FOP but it was backed up much further than when we got into it and had a 3 hour wait.


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Hello. Making the trip out there next week. A couple of questions if anyone can help. I read this was 3-D. Can you fit the helmet/visor over regular glasses? I don't wear contacts. We were thinking of going very late at night and taking advantage of the extra two hours you get if staying at the resort. Think the lines will be better then? Or best to go early and just wait? We have a FP for the river journey but couldn't get one for FOP. Thanks!


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Hello. Making the trip out there next week. A couple of questions if anyone can help. I read this was 3-D. Can you fit the helmet/visor over regular glasses? I don't wear contacts. We were thinking of going very late at night and taking advantage of the extra two hours you get if staying at the resort. Think the lines will be better then? Or best to go early and just wait? We have a FP for the river journey but couldn't get one for FOP. Thanks!
The 3D glasses will fit over regular glasses.

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