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We are currently staying at Aulani and just sayt thru the DVC meeting. We are very interested in purchasing however I noticed that resale units are WAY cheaper than what Disney is asking. Has anyone purchased an Aulani resale? Any major items not included from purchasing resale here(parking,etc)? Any recommendations on reputable resale sites?


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We have went through the timeshare store three times for DVC resale. This was the only time we were not happy with the initial purchase but it wasn’t their fault. When you buy a timeshare from Hawaii, you have to use a Hawaiian title company. Needless to say they were on island time.

We got it complete about four weeks late and actually just got the paperwork six months after that.

If you don’t have a use year look for one with banked points. We paid $90 a year ago and got an additional 100 points on our 220 a year allotment for 2018. Good luck, keep in mind you also make the offer, don’t pay sticker!
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