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Trip Report August Trip Bullet Points

Just returned from a wonderful trip August 12 thru 19 staying at Pop Century. Party of 8. Observations below.

- rope drop wasn’t necessary. Got plenty of rest, much unlike any other vacays
- fever check and security was seamless
- there is constant friendly reminder to cover your mouth and nose
- the Skyliner is Awesome. Beats the heck out of bus rides
- mobile order at POP was a little chaotic, but app works well
- speaking of bus rides, Disney was very efficient. We never waited more than 10 min
- enjoyed being able to do most attractions with very little wait. Walked on Peter Pan’s Flight
- very hot before afternoon storms, wearing a mask can be difficult in high heat and humidity
- HS seems more crowded than the other parks but people seem to have good awareness and respect other’s space
-relaxation station are nice
- most cast members were amazing. Two were not, the first magic killer was the table nazi at the relaxation station in the MK (located at Tomorrowland Terrace). Our group of 8 entered and we were told not to move the tables together to accommodate our 8. I agree with this, but when we attempted to bring over two extra chairs to the six top, the older female cast member yelled at our group to put the chairs back. Did I mention there was only one other group there far away from our grievous error. Just maybe she could come over and kindly explain the rules.

Interesting setup leading to this. After receiving our Starbucks drinks, we found shade under an umbrella where we could enjoy our drinks. A kind cast member who was sweeping the area asks us to follow her to the relaxation station since it is air conditioned in the Tomorrowland Terrace dining area. She was so proud to escort us to a more comfortable setting to finish our drinks. This is when we first meet the rude gate keeper of this relaxation station. It just so happened we were 5 minutes early. Admittance denied. The wonderful cast member who brought us there felt so bad. She tried to plead for us, but rules are rules. So we take our drinks back to the umbrellas, wait 5 minutes and then return, and then get scolded for moving two chairs in an empty relaxation station for fear of starting a contagion. 99% of cast members are kind and have common sense. This one had neither. I do think some people are on edge from the pandemic.

The other magic killer was a cast member at the Beach Club. After dining at Beaches and Cream and engaging with other amazing cast members, we head to the porte cochere to catch our Uber. The only soul is a bellman who is not within 100 feet from us. So my wife proceeds to an outdoor corner, and lowers here mask at chin level to make a phone call. This was a bad move by the wifey, for she was informed by a cast member in a stern fashion that she was in violation and THANK YOU FOR PUTTING YOUR MASK BACK UP. It wasn’t that she was corrected, it was how she was corrected. We were there 7 days and met so many amazing cast members. I guess 2 uptight cast members in this COVID era is not bad.

We love WDW and made a new memory in an interesting summer.

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